Welcome to the Digital Muse
Welcome to the Digital Muse

This is where I'll be posting pictures, music and news from the studio. The ongoing "Swordfish" project is a collection of local musicians [Rick Rehnberg, Don Bonzi, Dave Moore, Dave Dively and myself] who gather once a week to share musical ideas. So far Rick has brought in several songs which we have rehearsed, and recorded demos of. Don has brought in a couple as well, and last night we tried our hand at collective writing based on a groove or 2 of mine, with Rick handling the lyric writing.

Recently, we've also been working with Jack Mosley, local Trop-Rock legend (Rick & Don are in his band).

You will find additional info, music,

pictures, etc. at My Old Site

Here are a few of our efforts so far.

Some pictures of 'Da Boys' at work...

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